If you're ready to start taking care of your health & fitness again...


(Whether it's been a couple months, a couple years, or a couple decades, we'll meet you at your level)

Your health & fitness is much more than where you workout.

We have a comprehensive 3-part coaching plan for you...

Fitness Coaching

Whether you're working out at home or from our gym, we'll meet you where you are in your fitness journey and adapt our workouts to your abilities.

Nutrition Coaching

No one wants to be stressing out about a diet during times like these, so we help you establish simple habits that ensure you're eating the right things in the right amounts for your goals.

Accountability Coaching

Accountability is the glue that holds the whole program together. When you run into obstacles or circumstances change, you'll have a coach to help you adapt your plan, so you can stick with it.

We're more than

just a gym.

We are more than just 4 walls with some equipment inside them. We are local fitness leaders who really care about our community. During these challenging times, we want to deliver you some happiness (& sanity) through fitness to prove that our community is stronger together.

(Were Not Standing that close these days)>>>>

See what our clients say.

We've served our community since 2013.

Cheryl J.

"I suffered from back pain for many years. After coming to Ignition, I am pain free and feel stronger than ever!"

Randi M.

"This was the year to make a change. I was struggling mainly, of course, with weight issues. After my journey I lost 35lbs and feel great."

Andy E.

"The coaches are absolutely fantastic. They always make you feel welcome. Plus, they get to know you personally so they can tailor your workouts to fit your specific needs."

Staying physically & mentally strong is more

important now than ever.

Let's do it together...

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